Pioneer-Endicott: Bringing new life to some historic St. Paul buildings

Monday, April 15th, 2013

St. Paul, Minnesota’s first skyscraper and its neighbors are being brought back to life — transformed from office buildings to new vibrant apartments.

Pope Architects has been working with Pak Properties, HBG, and Crowe Construction Management since 2010 on the historic renovation.

The Pioneer Press featured the exciting transformation happening in downtown St. Paul at Endicott on Fourth, Endicott on Robert and the Pioneer Building.

The newspaper reported, “The Pioneer-Endicott buildings are their own museums, complete with old horse stalls in the basement, restored glass elevators leading up toward a glass skylight, spiral staircases with stylized metal hand railings.”

The Pioneer-Endicott Apartments will feature 234 rental units, which will open in phases starting at the end of May 2013. The site will include amenities like a wine store, salon, outdoor deck, small performance space, restaurant, and gym/fitness center. The Minnesota Museum of American Art is also tenant, opening its 3,500 sq. ft. Project Space in December 2012.

The Minnesota Real Estate Journal also featured the transformation.  Rich Pakonen, President of Pak Properties shared with the publication, “We believe that this complex meets the needs of today’s residents while maintaining its cherished 19th Century charm.”

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